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Welcome to Knowing Christ! My sincere prayer is that God will use what time you spend reading the words shared here to draw you closer to Himself, to speak to you through His word and to mold you and shape you more and more into the image of Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is absolutely nothing special about me but I serve a loving and holy Master who can and will work through all who fully surrender their lives to His control. May you also testify with Paul and myself and countless others that everything else is garbage, filth, dung when compared to the infinite value of KNOWING CHRIST Jesus our Lord.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Power of Prayer - Philippians 1:19

Good evening all. Tonight I wanted to share a powerful truth with you guys that I was reminded of yesterday. I pray that it not only makes you think but that it encourages you as much as it did me. Yesterday morning, I read over Philippians 1:19 and thought about throughout the day. This is where the Holy Spirit writes the following through Paul:

"For I know that as you pray for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me, this will lead to my deliverance."

On the surface it's easy to read over these words and just keep going. It's easy to miss a very deep truth buried within this short sentence. So what is that truth? Paul points out two very important things here. The second is the most obvious which is that the Holy Spirit helps us in our times of need. I'm sure that few people will find this a surprise. Paul was facing trial while in prison in Rome as he wrote this and he was certainly seeking the Lords help during this time. What I think is of great importance is the first source of help Paul mentions just before that phrase where he writes "For I KNOW that as YOU pray for me" Here Paul testifies to the power and importance of prayer. Paul testifies to the Philippian believers that he KNEW God would use their prayers to help him in his current situation. Sadly, I think that many Christians simply see prayer as something we do to talk to God, or something we should do during times of trouble or something we do before meals, or as a certain set of words in a book or of tradition that we are to memorize, etc. All of these are true in part but certainly leave out the truth that Paul shows us here. Here Paul testifies with confidence that God was using the prayers of other believers to help him during his time of need. Sadly so many of us under value the amazing power of prayer. God promises us again and again and again and again in scripture that there is real power in prayer. He promises us that He responds to prayer. He promises us that He hears us when we ask for things according to His will. He promises us that if we are persistent in our prayers that He will not only hear them but He will answer them. He promises us that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and can accomplish much. So why do we pray? Isn't God sovereign over all things? Doesn't He know what we need before we ask? Yes... BUT… PRAYER IS ONE OF THE MEANS THROUGH WHICH GOD ACCOMPLISHES HIS WILL! The Holy Spirit leads us and guides us to pray for others and as we do the Father hears and answers our prayers bringing glory to Himself THROUGH the prayers of His people! Paul didn't say that it was only the Holy Spirit that helped him he said it was the prayers of the Philippians. When we pray for others we are the instruments God uses to accomplish His plans for His people… and that my friends a world of difference from just "talking to God."

So as I close I leave you with these thoughts… Are your prayers a monologue to God about your needs or a dialogue WITH God for the needs of others? Who outside your family has God recently lead you to pray for? If God answered all your prayers tomorrow morning that you have prayed over the last 7 days, who's life would be different because you've prayed for them? My prayer for each of us would be to fully believe the truths and promises clearly layed before us in scripture because to quote Leonard Ravenhill "preaching moves men… but PRAYER moves God" Have a good night all.